Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not The Gumdrop Buttons

It's the middle of August. Most people think of the beach and vacations when they think of the dog days of summer, but like most crafters, I think of Christmas.

I swore I wasn't going to knit any Christmas gifts this year. Working 50 hours a week and going to taking night classes at the local community college doesn't lend to many spare hours to spend crafting, never mind crafting for Christmas.

But my knitting group decided to do a stocking stuffer exchange. Someone had floated doing a traditional Christmas swap, which was shot down pretty quickly.

Then someone came up with the idea of a stocking stuffer exchange. Rather than a traditional swap, we each knit ourselves a stocking, and put a small stocking stuffer into each one.

I'm not announcing what I'm making, but I'll fully admit that I'm probably going to go overboard. I usually do in swaps. But I'm not announcing it.

I may be almost thirty, but I still believe in the magic of Christmas.

(That being said, the post title is a massive clue.)