Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sometimes, You Have To Take A Stand

I'm not sure about the amount of coverage this story is getting nation-wide, or even world-wide, but here in New England, the story of Market Basket is dominating the news cycle. It has been since June 23rd, when Artie T, or "the good Arthur" was ousted as CEO of Market Basket.

Why was he ousted? It wasn't for the reasons most CEOs are ousted. He was let go because of greed, pure and simple. He was let go because his cousin, Arthur S, is full of greed, hatred, and revenge.

The warehouse workers and truckers were the first to stand up and fight for our way of business, and our way of life- because at Market Basket, we are a family, and we feel like our family is being destroyed not from within, but from outsiders.

While I don't have much in the way of spare money, I do have yarn- and I do have (some) free time. That is why I am proposing this- I am knitting a stuffed giraffe, and placing it up for auction/bid/whatever. Proceeds go to the warehouse fund, which is raising money to help support those who are taking the worst it in all this.

Because its not just Market Basket employees being effected. It goes past us, and past the customers. This is effecting a large segment of the New England economy

And I want to help however I can. Any suggestions on platform?