Sunday, July 29, 2012

Casting On

Well, I was wrong. I wasn't able to post anything until now. I was going to write a review of a book I recently finished, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, but time got away from me. So instead, I'll save that review for when I finish the sequel.

The 2012 Summer Olympics have begun, and oddly, I have not been able to tear myself away from the TV. I'm not sure I'm able to follow what's happening, but I've been watching.

I was able to finish a project I had under deadline, which is blocking now, so I cast on the first project planned for the Ravellenic Games- the Noro Bias Scarf.

I'm using Studio June Sock Luck- colorway Black Opal. When I first saw the yarn, I was compelled to buy it because they were "my" colors- black, purple and gray.

Now I see how short the color repeats are, which may or may not lend itself to the properties of the scarf. I don't know. We'll see.

I've got another couple posts in the works. They'll be posted when I can get around to it. But in the meantime, enjoy the Olympics, support your team.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Training Begins...

We are ten days from the Mass Cast On that kicks off the Ravellenic Games 2012. I had WANTED to prepare by finishing all my WIPs- not because I need the needles, but because I dislike having projects on the needles that aren't in the rotation. While I have been knitting fairly steadily, I have also been casting on. Which is silly. Oh well.

That being said, much of my prep work or the Games is complete. I have sorted yarn with their appropriate needles, stitch markers (yes, I am one of those weird ones that coordinate stitch markers to project), patterns. All that is left is to wind the yarn- which is only necessary for two projects, both scarves. (Yes, I am aware at how crazy I am to attempt to knit two scarves in 17 days. Even if I am on vacation for 7 of them). 

The projects I am planning:

  • The Big Honkin' Bag. I am using some Bernat Handcraftier cotton, in blue. I am knitting this for Team Knit Alone
  • Temperance. I am going to use some Knit One Crochet Too Ty Dy Socks. I am knitting this or Team Mine!
  • The Noro Bias Lace Scarf, using Studio June Sock Club, also for Team Mine!
  • The Saxony Scarf, using Malabrigo Chunky, for Team Knit Alone. 
In case I wasn't too much of an over achiever, I am also planning on:
  • spinning 8oz of BML I bought two days after I spun my first lumpy bumpy yarn. 
  • handdying some yarn. Not sure what colors I'm going to do- I kind of want to see how breaking black would come out.  But I also have a lot of neons I want to play with. 

I'm planning on making one more, possibly two more blog posts before the start of the Games. So I'll see you then.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To all my American readers...

Happy Fourth of July!

Even though it's late afternoon here on the East Coast, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday. I have a timely project to show you:

My father gave me bag given to him by a fomer employer- with the company name stamped across the front. He asked me to sew "a flag, or something," over the company name, so that's what I'm doing today, before setting off fireworks with my family.