Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Training Begins...

We are ten days from the Mass Cast On that kicks off the Ravellenic Games 2012. I had WANTED to prepare by finishing all my WIPs- not because I need the needles, but because I dislike having projects on the needles that aren't in the rotation. While I have been knitting fairly steadily, I have also been casting on. Which is silly. Oh well.

That being said, much of my prep work or the Games is complete. I have sorted yarn with their appropriate needles, stitch markers (yes, I am one of those weird ones that coordinate stitch markers to project), patterns. All that is left is to wind the yarn- which is only necessary for two projects, both scarves. (Yes, I am aware at how crazy I am to attempt to knit two scarves in 17 days. Even if I am on vacation for 7 of them). 

The projects I am planning:

  • The Big Honkin' Bag. I am using some Bernat Handcraftier cotton, in blue. I am knitting this for Team Knit Alone
  • Temperance. I am going to use some Knit One Crochet Too Ty Dy Socks. I am knitting this or Team Mine!
  • The Noro Bias Lace Scarf, using Studio June Sock Club, also for Team Mine!
  • The Saxony Scarf, using Malabrigo Chunky, for Team Knit Alone. 
In case I wasn't too much of an over achiever, I am also planning on:
  • spinning 8oz of BML I bought two days after I spun my first lumpy bumpy yarn. 
  • handdying some yarn. Not sure what colors I'm going to do- I kind of want to see how breaking black would come out.  But I also have a lot of neons I want to play with. 

I'm planning on making one more, possibly two more blog posts before the start of the Games. So I'll see you then.

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