Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Blues

Here in New Hampshire, we were just hit with an average of 30 inches of snow. That was last Tuesday.

Today, it was snowing again. Just flurries; enough to be seen, not enough to accumulate. I was leaving my office this afternoon, running some papers to the courthouse, and a guy next to me mused; "It's snowing. That's different."

Completely sarcastic, but it still rang a chord. Usually I love winter (usually, winter means I can deck out in handknits), but this year? Totally over it. The snow, the gray skies, the dry skin... I'm done. Just keeping my eye on the prize: which is, a cruise to the Bahamas, leaving May 31. This is only the second time in my 29 years that I've looked forward to leaving winter for warmer climes- the last time being after a week of no electricity.

I know I'm not the only one with these feelings. Therefore, I have decided to share with you. From now until May 31, 2015 I am running not one, but two sales.

First, my stitch markers are marked down automatically. They were originally listed at $10 US, now they are listed at $8.  That is an automatic 20% savings on the stitch markers, no minimum purchase.

Secondly,  any order more than $50, I am offering an additional 20% savings. Simply use coupon code WINTERBLUES to take advantage of this special offer.

These two sales are running until May 31, that is, until I can escape to the Bahamas.

Because I am so sick of winter, and I'm sure you are too.