Friday, May 11, 2012


I have been abandoned. Not by a person, no, something else.

I have been abandoned by my knitting mojo.

My grandmother loves to exclaim to anyone who will listen that I am constantly knitting. Constantly. And once, it was true. But I don't think I've knit in almost two weeks. Partially, the reasons are external- I have so little free time lately that when I do,  I can't do more than stare glumly at the television set. But that effect is a double edged sword- because I am so tired at night lately, I have been left uninspired. By my  yarn, by my queue, by my works in progress.

This is an awful feeling, one that I'm sure many knitters are acquainted with. Maybe soon, my mojo will return.

Hopefully, soon, my mojo will return.

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