Saturday, June 30, 2012

I need a new hobby...

... like I need another hole in my head.  But a new hobby, I have.

A few months go, when I went to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool, I bought a Learn To Spin kit from one of the farms that had set up a booth there. It sat in my stash since, waiting for me to pull it out and use it.

Last night, a friend of mine came over (after we had dinner at a local Thai restaurant) and we sat down and learned to spin.

We were armed with our spindles and copies of Respect The Spindle, and fiber in hand, prepared ourselves to muddle through this new skill. 

There was confusion at first, but when we got it...

... we celebrated.

And we spun.

Friends. Thai Food. Fibery Goodness. Mark Harmon.

All is well.

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