Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sneak Peak (also known as, Orange and Blue)

Orange and blue are not colors I would have instinctively put together. In fact, the (perceived) contrast) was why I bought the fabric- I planned on doing a specific quilt, and I thought the contrast would have looked REALLY good. (and, let's admit it, different than my usual color schemes.) But when I went to print and start the planned quilt, the pattern had disappeared.


I had to come up with something else to do with all this fabric. Which didn't work with ANYTHING else in my fabric stash (except, of course, the black and gray I bought for the original quilt.) But I had decided I didn't like the gray with the orange and blue.

But then I saw this other quilt.

To be honest, I'd seen pictures floating around Pinterest before. It was interesting, using half square triangles (which was a new concept/technique for me), and maybe a Someday quilt, but I was seeing it in a different light.

I was seeing it in Orange and blue.

Keep tuned for the reveal, folks. Planned for this coming Wednesday, February 10th.

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