Saturday, February 25, 2012

Better Late Than Never

The Catholics group on Ravelry held a mystery knitalong in January. I decided to participate, but as usual, the finishing took longer than expected.

I used Dream in Color, colorway Into the Mystic that I've had in stash for a few years. (Originally destined to be a February Lady Sweater, it ended up becoming a Saroyan, a Bittersweet Cowl, an experiment in dyeing, and now this. I still have a skein and a half left. Don't know what I'll do with them yet.) I also selected buttons that came in a multipack bag I bought at a Big Box Store.

The actual knitting took a night or two (or, would have had I had all the directions.) The finishing... not so much. It took over two weeks, probably closer to three to finally pin it out, then I left it on the blocking mat another week or so. It came off the blocking mat five days ago, and finally sewed the buttons on today.

(I must confess, the only reason I took it off the mat was to block the shawl I discussed in my last post.)

I don't normally procrastinate and put things off.

crickets chirping

Really, I don't.

Yes I do.

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