Monday, February 20, 2012

Wool Hugs

I'm sorry for being quiet lately- life has gotten a bit crazy. I haven't given up knitting though- that's probably why I'm still mostly sane.

I have gotten a lot done in the past several weeks. But right now, I can't remember much, except for the fact that I have completed my first quilt, and I am currently wearing a shawl. I never thought I would, thought it wasn't me, even though I find them quite gorgeous, especially the lacy ones. But I was in need of a hug one day and my best friend was busy dealing with a family crises (she gives the BEST hugs- the kind you still feel in your ribs three days later) so I cast on a shawl. I decided on the Simple Yet Effective Shawl, using scraps of Patons Classic Wool. My camera is on the fritz right now (maybe when Uncle Sam mails me my tax return I'll buy a new one. Yes, I have my tax return spent six ways to Sunday, how'd you guess?) so this is the best photo I can come up with:

The colored yarn was dyed by me. The darker section is a purple/blue variegated that turned out quite lovely for my first attempt. I thought it might be one of those "potential" yarns- the kind that is always in ball form because the yarn's potential is always greater than anything you could knit with it. But I really like how the colors worked up. The magenta was a kool aid experiment, and are leftovers from the Kindle cozy I knit last year. The two colors don't "match" but they work together. Although I think the bottom border in white helps a lot too.

But regardless as to how I got the colors, I took it off the blocking board five minutes ago, and immediately put it on.

And I feel like I'm getting a hug from somewhere.

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