Saturday, June 28, 2014


I have a slight problem. I want to KNIT ALL THE SHAWLS, which isn't a problem, as I have a lot of yarn designated toward shawls. However, what makes it a problem is I also want to KNIT ALL THE SOCKS.

(And yes, I have a lot of yarn designated for socks.)

As it is, I've got a couple shawls on the needles. The Eden Shawl, which I wrote about earlier this week. That's officially on hold- I've only got a few inches left, I did, however, cave and buy a couple skeins from a Raveller in Canada. So, I'm waiting on that delivery. On pins and needles, of course. I really want to finish that one, and block it. I chose a very lovely color for that. Knitpicks Stroll Sport, in Baltic Heather. 

I also haven't touched my Follow Your Arrow, which was a Ysolda Teague mystery knit a long, since clue 4 came out. It's just sitting there, in a huddled, lonely mess. 

Same with Esjan, which my knitting group did as a knit a long...

I did recently cast on Regenerate, from the Spring + Summer 2014 issue of Knitty. I cast on using size US 5 needles, and used lace weight, which the pattern called for, but in this instance, I'm having the opposite gauge problem than the Eden Shawl- I think it's too loose. I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards frogging it and going down a needle size. The yarn I'm using- Ivy Brambles Silver Cloud- is a hand dyed yarn, and there's absolutely no gaurantee of finding a skein in the same dyelot. 

(Isn't that a gorgeous blue? I have a dress with that exact shade in it. It's almost as if they dyed the yarn specifically for the dress.) 

I only have one pair of socks on the needle. The pattern I'm using is called the Bandwagon Socks... And I'm using a bright, almost neon (... You know what? No. It is neon) Bright, neon pink Loopy Ewe Solid Sock Series. I substituted my own heel into that one. 

I'm thinking I should channel these feelings into getting some of the shawls off the needles. Because, well, projects off the needles are always a good thing, right? 

However, because of my indecisiveness, I didn't spend my Saturday knitting one if these shawls, or even those socks. I spent it making stitch markers- some of which I posted to my etsy shop already. 

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