Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Today is January First. New Years Day.

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a coworker (confession time: she talked, I thought about how to get off the phone as I was busy as heck but didn't want to be rude) and she was waxing nostalgic about the romanticism of fresh starts. (I'm the one applying the fancy words. She just went on and on about how she liked new beginnings.)

But she did have a point... sort of.

I'm not sure if I subscribe to the idea that if the calender changes, then the slate is wiped clean. Your history comes with you. You're still the same person. The mistakes you've made, the triumphs you've accomplished... they don't go away just because you're changing which calendar you're using. If you want to change something, change it. It doesn't matter if it's June 15th, or January 1st. Every day is a new chance to get it right.

That being said...

I am launching this blog today because it is the New Year. I didn't like the direction my old one was going, so I thought I would start fresh. Clean slate, and all that. I thought it was ironic.

This year will bring a lot of changes, to both my crafting and personal lives. I'd like to start designing- I have a couple ideas floating around my head right now. I want to grow and change as a person. As a friend, as a sister, as a daughter. And there is a bit of romanticism and irony to announcing these changes today. So, even though I think it's a bit over the top...

Happy New Year!

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